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Scheduled Departures - Frequently Asked Questions

(Making Your Travel Plans For A Legacy Tour)

1. Where can I join the group, and how will my departure location selection affect my itinerary and price?

Available departure regions are listed within each tour's itinerary/brochure. Details on specific locations within those regions can be found on a separate document. We can no longer guarantee that long-term vehicle parking will be available while on tour. Where long-term parking is available, vehicles will be left at the owner's risk. At the time of booking, travelers will be given the opportunity to choose one of the available departure locations.
Departure location selection may affect both the length of the tour and pricing. The "Base Tour" will begin on the day the last group of travelers join the tour, and end on the first day they begin to leave. "Additions", like a "Gathering Day", to that base tour will allow all travelers the convenience of departing from as close to home as possible. A reconfirmation of the assigned departure location, along with time will be included with your final travel documents. You may change to another location, but should notify our office at least 30 days prior to departure. If no boardings are scheduled at a departure location, we will not stop.

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2. How are tour prices presented, and what is included in those prices?

All prices are listed on a per person basis. Rates are determined by accommodation occupancy, with "double" = 2 people sharing a room with 1 bed (sometimes 2); "twin" = 2 people sharing a room with 2 beds; "single" = 1 person in a private room, "triple/quad" = 3 or 4 persons sharing a room with 2 beds. For tours involving travel on board a cruise ship, rates will also be determined by cabin grade.
Unless otherwise specified, tour prices will include: transportation as listed on itinerary (other than air), lodging as listed on itinerary, luggage handling for 1 suitcase per person (where available), tickets/admissions to attractions listed as included, gratuities for local guides, meals listed as included on itinerary, and guidance of a professional tour manager.
Unless otherwise specified, tour prices will NOT include: incidental charges (room service, movies, phone calls, etc.), flight tickets, airline baggage fees, optional excursions, meals not listed as included on the itinerary, gratuities for non-included features, Hawkeye Stages driver or Legacy T&T tour manager gratuity, or travel protection/insurance.

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3. Are there any restrictions or requirements I should be aware of?

Children (under 18) joining a tour must be at least 8 years old and accompanied by an adult.
Unless otherwise specified, luggage handling for 1 suitcase per person with maximum combined dimensions (length, width, height) of less than 62 inches and weighing less than 50 pounds is included during the land portion of a tour. Travelers may also bring a small carry-on, no more than 39 inches combined dimensions. We are not responsible for everyday wear, scratches, etc. on luggage and are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Luggage restrictions on tours involving air and/or cruise travel may vary slightly, so please check with your agent on details.
A no smoking policy applies to travel via air, rail, & motorcoach. On motorcoach tours, occasional short travel breaks will be taken when possible. Please keep in mind that most hotels no longer offer smoking rooms, and penalties are regularly assessed if guests smoke in a non-smoking room.
An increasing number of tours require a valid passport, or at the least a government issued ID. We have tried to provide guidance for this within each tour's details. If you have questions, please check with your travel advisor concerning each tour's specific requirements. For all travel where a passport or ID is required (this includes all air travel), a copy of your identification must accompany your tour reservation.

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4. What health and safety considerations should I keep in mind while making my travel plans?

In an attempt to help the traveler make good decisions about appropriateness of any given tour in relation to their fitness, we have done our best to assign each departure an activity level. Levels range from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most strenuous. Descriptions of these activity levels are available by request or can be found online. For your benefit and in respect of fellow travelers, please give this careful consideration before registering for a tour. Failure to provide accurate health information may forfeit your spot on the tour.
During the reservation process you will be asked to advise us of any condition or preference requiring special attention while on tour. All reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate those needs. We regret that we're unable to provide individual assistance to guests with walking difficulties or other personal needs. The responsibility of the tour manager who accompanies your trip is to ensure that the broader group enjoys a relaxing and informative journey and she or he cannot be relied upon to provide ongoing individual assistance to any one guest. Guests requiring such assistance must be accompanied by a companion who is able to provide it. If you carry oxygen tanks or a concentrator, please contact us well in advance for assistance in compliance with federal safety regulations. We ask that you let us know about any food allergies or special dietary restrictions at the time of booking as well.
As always, our focus continues to be on your safety, the safety of our staff, and the safety of those extending their hospitality to us as we visit their communities and businesses. Recent experiences have reminded us of our need to remain vigilant and prepared to do our part, monitoring and respecting positions taken by the CDC, other medical experts, federal/local government, and business owners/management. There are currently limited mandates in place concerning mask wearing, proof of vaccination, testing for infection, etc. However, as your tour's departure date approaches, we will do our best to notify you of any specific requirements that might exist. Please come prepared to respect and adhere to any existing requests or requirements, for your wellbeing, the wellbeing of your fellow travelers, and the wellbeing of others you come in contact with.
Legacy Tour & Travel cannot prevent you from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading an illness (including COVID-19), and by traveling on one of our tours you are choosing to accept the risk.

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5. If my tour requires air travel, what are my options?

On tours where air transportation is required, an option to travel as part of the group on prearranged flights is available. The available "package" includes both air transportation, and convenient pick-up and drop-off services. "Group Air Package" prices specific to your departure location can be found within each tour's documentation.
Occasionally, travelers find it beneficial to make special travel deviations. Our agents can assist you with these itinerary changes, but please keep in mind that there will be fees associated with this service.

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6. Anything else?

Final travel documents will be provided to all travelers approximately 2 weeks prior to departure. These documents will include: detail concerning your departure and return location and times, final itinerary with lodging details, a "before you go" checklist, and any other advice that should help with your final preparations prior to departure.
Please read the above information carefully. Submission of this online reservation request and payment of a deposit represents your acceptance of these terms.

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