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Support You Can Trust

With the complexities and constant changes within the travel industry, staying as informed as you would like to be can be nearly impossible. Having support from a trusted source whose job is to stay on top of those changes is invaluable.  Providing knowledge, unique access to opportunities, attention to all the details, added value, and an umbrella of security, travel professionals offer you your best chance of having an enjoyable and worry-free travel experience from beginning to end.

Whether you are traveling as a party of 2 or 200, Legacy Tour & Travel advisors are well prepared and eager to help you with all your travel needs. One of your most important travel resources is a Legacy Tour & Travel advisor.


Insight and Networking

When working with a travel professional, you’ll tap into a wealth of knowledge regarding all your travel possibilities.  By carefully listening to your hopes and expectations, and utilizing a network of industry partners including associations, destination representatives, and vendors, a travel advisor will be able to present you with many qualified options, ensuring you and/or your group gets exactly the experience you are looking for.  You can feel confident that you’ll be steered toward the best destinations, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, hotels, etc.  

Legacy Tour & Travel is a member of the American Bus Association, American Society of Travel Advisors, International Air Transport Association, National Tour Association, Student and Youth Travel Association, and Travel Leaders Network.


Access and Individuality

Utilizing the connections of a travel professional quite often leads to opportunities you might not otherwise have access to or may not even know about. Travel experiences should be uniquely yours, and by working with a professional, you will have choices not only on destination, mode of transportation, venues, or inclusions, but can also control things like activity level or amount of unscheduled time.

Legacy Tour & Travel knows that travel is personal, and that is why our advisors will begin the planning process by not only finding out where you might want to go and how you might want to get there, but also why you dream of going and what you hope to find when you arrive. 



A travel professional will make use of their connections and buying power to find the best value for your vacation, saving you time, frustrations and quite often even money.

Legacy Tour & Travel is large enough to work regularly with many hotels, restaurants, attractions, local guides and entertainment venues all over the world.  This allows us to provide you or your group exceptional value for your travel dollar, and we will never take for granted the trust that is placed in us to deliver that value. 


Attention to Detail

To give yourself the best chance of a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, the proper groundwork needs to be laid.  Professional advisors can work with you to sketch out a travel itinerary that is realistic and manageable, and then utilize their worldwide contacts to expertly secure your transportation, accommodations, and various other arrangements at your destination.  Your advisor and/or tour planner will stay on top of all details related to your itinerary, including making necessary changes when scheduling issues arise and monitoring all vendor payment requirements.  


Peace of Mind and Ongoing Care

Life is often demanding, but when it comes to your vacation you should be able to relax.  By seeking the support of a travel professional, you can do just that.  Starting with the initial planning stages, to getting you home safely and every step in between, you can rest assured that your trip will be as you hoped it would be. 

Even with the most thorough of planning and preparation, the unexpected can happen when traveling.  By working with a travel professional, you secure additional support should issues arise.  You can be confident that your travel advisor will continue to be your advocate, ready to call upon their network of connections and resources to assist and always placing priority on your safety.


Legacy Tour & Travel’s experienced travel advisors pledge to take care of all the details and, most importantly, take care of the traveler (you).  Contact Legacy Tour & Travel today to get started on planning for your vacation or event!