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Why Join a Legacy Scheduled Group
Tour Departure? Simply, It's the People!

We can think of many reasons for you to join us on one of our scheduled departures, and at the top of the list are our tour planners, travel advisors, tour managers, and motorcoach drivers.  They will work together to assure that when traveling with Legacy Tour & Travel you have a special and unique experience.  Whether traveling by motorcoach, air, cruise, or rail, when it comes to your domestic or international travel dreams, Legacy Tour & Travel can make them come true, safely and without the hassle.

Benefit From the Advantages of Group Travel

Group travel has many perks, from the convenience and ease to the lasting friendships.  Carefully planned itineraries and knowledgeable tour managers take the hassle out of traveling, allowing travelers to enjoy every part of the trip to the fullest.  The social aspect of group travel is a special part of the journey, as well.  It’s the friendships that develop while on tour that make many of the best memories.


Over the Top Customer Care

With Legacy’s “In-House” travel advisors, you will benefit from their commitment to and extensive experience with taking care of travel reservations from beginning to end.  With advisors working in close collaboration with the tour department, Legacy Tour and Travel pledges to take care of all the details, and most importantly take care of the traveler (you)!


Expertly Designed Itineraries

Itineraries are carefully designed to include a combination of bucket-list sights, unique out-of-the-ordinary experiences, in-depth immersion into the destination, and a carefully planned balance between free-time and scheduled activities.  Hotels in destination cities will often be centrally located and within walking distance to attractions and restaurants, maximizing your opportunities to fully experience the destination both as a group and on your own during unscheduled time.



By networking travelers from various areas, Legacy Tour & Travel is able to offer you a more unique and diverse tour calendar while still maintaining the likelihood of operating as many tour departures as possible.  We work hard at balancing individual convenience with overall group satisfaction, travel efficiency, and cost.  Legacy Tour & Travel is committed to providing enough departure location options to be considered convenient for individuals, but not too many to bog down departure and return days for the group.

More About Departure Locations


Professional Tour Managers

Groups are accompanied by professional tour managers, tending to all travel details, keeping the tour flowing seamlessly, and providing (often in collaboration with local guides) the group with valuable insight into the history and culture of the areas visited. They will also be there to assist with any scheduled “free time,” prepared to provide recommendations on unique things to do or interesting places to shop/eat.  A quality tour manager can significantly enhance the travel experience, and Legacy Tour & Travel has some of the best tour managers in the industry.


Drivers Who Really Care

When joining an “Overland Journey,” you’ll benefit from the commitment Hawkeye Stages (whenever reasonable) motorcoach drivers make to your safety, comfort, and enjoyment.  As you get to know your driver, you will often even find that you have found yourself a new friend.  The truly unique partnership between tour manager and driver, employed under the Legacy Travel Group umbrella, will greatly enhance your tour experience.

More About Hawkeye Stages

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"Last Call"

These departures are coming up soon, confirmed to take place, and you still have time to join us!

New Orleans
Duration (base tour): 9 Days
Date (base tour): 3/18/2024
Charleston & Savannah
Duration (base tour): 9 Days
Date (base tour): 4/15/2024
Cleveland & Pittsburgh
Duration (base tour): 4 Days
Date (base tour): 4/7/2024

"Recently Released"

All the plans are in place for these newly scheduled departures. Book early!

Philadelphia & New York City
Duration (base tour): 8 Days
Date (base tour): 9/7/2024
Gettysburg, Williamsburg, & Washington DC
Duration (base tour): 9 Days
Date (base tour): 10/19/2024
New England Fall Foliage
Duration (base tour): 10 Days
Date (base tour): 10/5/2024
Smoky Mountain Christmas
Duration (base tour): 6 Days
Date (base tour): 11/16/2024
Opryland Hotel Holiday
Duration (base tour): 4 Days
Date (base tour): 12/14/2024
Branson Christmas
Duration (base tour): 5 Days
Date (base tour): 12/2/2024
Memphis Christmas
Duration (base tour): 5 Days
Date (base tour): 12/2/2024