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Why Group Travel?


Group travel has many perks, from the convenience and ease, to the lasting friendships.  Carefully planned itineraries and knowledgeable tour mangers take the hassle out of traveling, allowing travelers to enjoy every part of the trip to the fullest.  The social aspect of group travel is a special part of the journey, as well.  It’s the friendships that develop while on tour that make many of the best memories.


Convenience and Ease

With itineraries carefully planned for you, and quite often a host or tour manager along to assure that logistical details are managed and everything moves along smoothly, you can be free to enjoy every part of the trip to the fullest.  If traveling by motorcoach, let a professional driver take care of the navigating, traffic, or weather issues, while you relax, read a book, or just look out the window.  Join a group tour, and let someone else do all the work! 


Access & Expertise

Tour operators often have access to a destination’s “hidden gems”,  thanks to past experiences or industry connections.  Distinctive local restaurants, unique out of the ordinary attractions, or off the beaten path natural wonders are often the highlight of a tour. This special access will not be limited to places/venues.  As part of a group with a host/guide, you’ll benefit from insight and knowledge that regular travelers don’t. The information that comes with having a tour guide is part of what makes group travel so unique. Join a group tour, and experience what you might miss if on your own.



With travel, like everything else, we all want the best return for our investment. Tour operators often work with hotels, restaurants, attractions, local guides, and entertainment venues all over the world, and use their wholesale and bulk buying power to get the best possible experiences and rates for their groups.  By taking advantage of this economy of scale, a group tour package is sure to reward the traveler.  Join a group tour, and maximize the value you receive for every dollar spent.


Its Better When We Travel Together

When traveling as part of a group, you will always have the option of having someone to do things with, laugh with, share stories with, and make memories with. Tours can be planned with for affinity groups, providing travelers with a shared interest and a love of travel to experience the journey together.  Join a group tour and make a new friend for life, re-connect with old ones, or rejoice in the comradery that only comes when traveling with like-minded people!