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Why Travel?

A quality travel experience can change our lives!



Travel allows us to escape from our everyday lives, and to seek out an environment and experiences that we don’t normally have back home.  Warmer weather, more awe-inspiring scenery, different/diverse food, a slower more relaxing pace, and freedom to do as we please, can allow us to disconnect from the pressure and confines of everyday life. You may also choose to go a step further and disconnect from being available by phone, email, or social media.



Souvenirs and photos can evoke wonderful memories of our travel adventures.  In fact, our memories are our most valuable souvenir.  Recalling memories of wonder, companionship, accomplishment, exhilaration, or happiness can sustain a feeling of contentment long after the moment has passed.  Travel truly is the gift that keeps on giving!


Knowledge / Understanding

As we travel and immerse ourselves in completely different locales, we gain awareness and understanding of new customs, cultures, people, and environments.  By experiencing, these valuable lessons will stay with us for a long time. Travel can provide a wealth of knowledge, and that knowledge leads to a broader and fresher perspective.  Travel opens our minds!


Perspective / Appreciation

With a wider world view and expanded perspective from our travels, we can even realize some additional clarity when it comes to what we might be looking for out of life.   This might not necessarily mean a change, but instead a new appreciation for what we already have.  By being away from what we too often take for granted, we may return from our journey with a renewed appreciation of home.



Sharing the experience of travel brings people together.  It provides a great opportunity to make new friends, either with fellow travelers or locals, as well as providing a special way to deepen existing friendships.  By spending focused quality time together, relationships are built and strengthened.  The common bond of a love for travel is powerful. 



Wellness in travel can come in many forms.  Specific opportunities for healthier eating, actual fitness activities, getting in touch with nature, giving back through voluntourism, or just relaxing at a spa are prevalent.  But the simple act of just escaping from the normal stress of life may offer the most tremendous wellness benefit of all.  Travel is good for the soul and body!


Discover Yourself

Traveling is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself. By successfully pursuing new experiences that may require you to step outside your comfort zone, you’ll realize just how capable you are. Pushing yourself and subsequently conquering your anxieties is exhilarating!  You’ll return home from your travel quest with a sense of accomplishment, and your new found confidence will then serve as a springboard for many future adventures.