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Why Travel?

Travel can be beneficial to many aspects of our lives.  Beyond the opportunity to escape and create lifetime memories, it provides knowledge of other people and their cultures, the fresh perspective that comes with that knowledge, a chance to create new friendships and strengthen old relationships, the prospect of both physical and mental wellness, and the opportunity to challenge and better understand ourselves.

A quality travel experience can change our lives!


Legacy Tour & Travel Offers:

Personalized Travel Planning - For Individuals

Learn about how our advisors & carefully selected providers are prepared to personalize a vacation just right for you!

Personalized Travel Planning - For Groups

Gather your friends, family, customers, or employees for a group travel experience designed as you & your group want it!

Scheduled Departures - Motorcoach Tours

Browse the list of our upcoming group bus tours, pick one (or two), pack your bags, relax and leave the rest to us!

Scheduled Departures - Air and/or Cruise Tours

Feeling adventurous? Join us as we travel by air to more distant destinations both within the United States and abroad.


Why Legacy Tour & Travel?

Legacy Tour & Travel has been an industry leader for 70 years, offering safe, convenient and affordable domestic and international travel opportunities for individuals or groups. Whether traveling by motorcoach (provided by our partner, Hawkeye Stages), air, cruise or rail, when it comes to your travel dreams, we can make them come true.  We are eager to assist you in all of your travel needs, starting with the initial planning stages, to getting you home safely, and every step between. With Legacy Tour & Travel, it is all about the journey AND the destination!

More About Why You Should Join a Legacy Tour & Travel Scheduled Departure

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